Roof Cleaning Colchester

Gutters, Fascias & Soffits Included With Every Clean

Roof Cleaning Colchester

Give your roof a new lease of life!  Our fully insured and trained team of roof cleaning experts will safely remove the moss, algae, stains and dirt from your roof leaving you with an unbelievably clean finish.  Improve the life and aesthetics of your roof and be the envy of the street.  What’s more, our roof cleaning service is more affordable than you might think – we use a low pressure wash to ensure your roof is not damaged during the cleaning process and include a free gutter clean with every roof clean.

Get in touch to get your roof cleaning quote – our friendly team will often be able to quote you without coming out to see you using Google Street View, Rightmove or photos that you provide.

Why have my roof cleaned?

Having your roof cleaned is a home maintenance task that often gets put back to the bottom of your list.  There’s many reasons for this, it’s often completely overlooked as it’s not always considered something that needs doing.  However, a build-up of moss and other dirt on your roof tiles is not only unsightly but can also cause issues with gutters blocking.
As the moss dies off in summer heat, it will usually dislodge and fall down the roof.  Most commonly it’ll find its way into the gutters and sign that this is happening is when you see clumps of moss on the ground too.  When it reaches your gutters it’ll at very least make them less effective for rainwater draining, worst case scenario the gutters and downpipes will become blocked and require gutter clearing.

There is also the possibility of gulley’s on the roof blocking and causing water ingress which can be a costly problem to resolve.  Having your roof cleaned proactively is by far the most cost effective way of ensuring your roof stays in good condition and you’re not met with big bills in the future.

Is it safe to clean my own roof?

Generally speaking, any homeowner thinking that roofing can be cleaned as a DIY job will soon find that your house is much higher than you first thought.  DIY ladders tend not to be sufficient in height and safety becomes seriously compromised.

If you can reach the roof with ladders then consideration has to be taken as to where you’re going to lean the ladders to and how you’re going to mount the roof.  It’s extremely dangerous to use the gutters to lean on as they’re not built to withstand the forces of the ladder and weight applied when you are climbing the ladders.

It is highly advisable to call in roof cleaning specialists who can complete the job without the usual associated dangers of do it yourself.  Our safety record for cleaning roofs is unblemished because we use correct safety equipment and procedures to access the height of your roof without ladders.

We use height access equipment such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers to gain safe access which also goes a long way to providing you with an excellent roof cleaning finish.

How much does roof cleaning Colchester cost?

Due to each property being so different in size and design it’s actually very difficult to provide a menu of pricing.  When we provide a roof cleaning quote, we to take into consideration lots of variables such as access, building height, size, tile type to name just a few.

We can often provide an accurate fixed roof cleaning quote without having to come out to your property through the use of online tools such as Google Street view which gives us a very good idea of the property type and area to be cleaned.

Want to know how much it’ll cost to have your roof cleaned in Colchester? Get in touch today for a roof cleaning quote.


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Excellent service, turned up on time, worked extremely hard, the guttering, soffits and facias look like new. Claire, in the back office was extremely helpful. I would recommend this company. 

Ray Jenkins - Brentwood

A very happy customer! I had no idea my roof could look new again. I'll be using Essex Exterior Cleaning again to clean my roof and certainly won't leave it as long next time!

Josie Higginbotham - Chelmsford


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