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Give your roof a new lease of life!  Our fully insured and trained team of roof cleaning experts will safely remove the roof moss, algae, stains and dirt from your roof leaving you with an unbelievably clean finish.

Improve the life and aesthetics of your roof and be the envy of the street.  What’s more, our roof cleaning service is more affordable than you might think – we use a low pressure wash to ensure your roof is not damaged during the cleaning process and include a free gutter clean with every roof clean.

Get in touch to get your roof cleaning quote – our friendly team will often be able to provide a roof cleaning costyou without coming out to see you using Google Street View, Rightmove or photos that you provide.

How much does roof cleaning cost?

There are a few considerations when having your roof cleaned, many of which are often overlooked by home owners. Firstly, one of our main considerations is the roof type, roof tiles and the pitch, also accessibility has a bearing on roof cleaning costs. Our aim is to provide an accurate roof cleaning cost first time with no hidden extras! Roof cleaning costs will vary depending on whether it’s a basic moss removal or whether the roof requires biocide treatment or pressure washing. The whole process often takes between 1 to 3 days and should always include at bear minimum moss removal. More advanced roof cleaning services can include replacement of broken roof tiles, pressure washer roof cleaning as well as biocide treatment to prevent future moss build up.

Whilst roof cleaning cost vary, a typical 3 bedroom house with a build up of moss can be expected to cost in the region of £750 – £1250.

Is it worth getting your roof cleaned?

If you’re conscious of the way your home looks then this is a good place to start. As an experienced roof cleaning company, we have built up a portfolio of roof cleaning before and after photos that show just how impressive a clean roof can look. Besides the aesthetic of a clean roof, roof moss build up can be more than just ugly, it can cause a range of problems from dislodging roof tiles to water ingress which can lead to roof damage.

Having at very least moss removed from your roof as a regular form of maintenance can be preventative. In some cases having your roof steam cleaned manually or pressured washed can save money in the long run.

Signs it’s time to have your roof cleaned

The most common signs that it might be time to have your roof cleaned by professional roof cleaners is when moss is found on the floor surrounding your property. If this is discovered, stand back from your property and take a look, if the roof looks green or has a build up of debris then it’s time to contact a roof cleaner.

Furthermore, if there are signs of moss and debris then it’s very possible your gutters are full and potentially causing roof damage. Fortunately, whatever level of roof cleaning service you opt for, we ensure your gutters are cleared and clean at the end of each roof cleaning job properly.

If roof tiles look to be worse for wear and require replacement prior to us cleaning your roof, we will advise accordingly. Part of our roof cleaning process is to take before and after photos to ensure you can not only see the difference but have confidence that the job has been completed to a high standard.

Our most basic roof cleaning service is moss removal service – an option worth considering is whether to invest in a biocide treatment which continues to work on your roof cleaning long after we’ve left. The results from biocide treatment are noticeable not immediately like pressure washer roof cleaning, but over a period of time as the chemicals get to work.

If your roof tiles look like they’ve seen better days, then contact us for an accurate estimate.

Should I have my roof pressure washed?

If it’s just roof moss removal then hand scraping can most certainly improve the situation. However, if done correctly, there’s often no substitute for pressure washing at a lower pressure than for other tasks such as driveway or render cleaning. The most common issue with a roof cleaner company pressure washing roofs is the potential damage of the structure of the roof tiles.

Obviously damage from cleaning works should be avoided at all costs, so it’s important to hire a reputable, local roof cleaning business. Moss removal can be dealt with by using chemicals such as biocide treatment, whereas lichens and other factors such as roof stains can only be cleaned using steam or pressure washing techniques. It’s vital that you use a reputable company who have undergone formal training and only use tried and tested techniques when cleaning moss and other dirt from your roof.

Staying safe whilst roof cleaning

Every property we attend differs slighty and to this end we always survey each property independently to ensure safety standards are not just met but exceeded. We include everything you need within our roof cleaning cost with everything from biocide treatment to access equipment.

On the occasions we do have to use ladders, we ensure best practice is used to minimise risk. Roof access equipment such as cherry pickers give us unparalleled angles to ensure roof moss removal is carried out prior to any other processes we might use. Each roof varies depending on a number of factors, so the use of safety equipment is vital for us to provide you with the perfect finish.

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